Massage Therapy Research

research-wordThere is no doubt that good research is valuable – whether you’re making a decision about medical treatment options or where you’ll take your next vacation, quality research is necessary.

The decision to utilize massage therapy for a number of health-related goals can come a lot easier when high-quality, repeatable and documented studies and practices say “massage therapy is good.”

Anatriptic Arts has taken some of the guesswork out of “finding good research” by providing quality references, rooted in the National Institute of Health and the U.S. National Library of Medicine, and presenting them here, to you, for your review. Find hand-picked, relevant, and top-of-its-field massage therapy research to support massage therapy in:

If you have a question about an article listed in our References or have an article you’d like to contribute or see in our list of References, please drop us a line: we’d love to hear from you! And: please stay tuned for updates to our References as the research is published.

For anecdotal accounts from our clients who have found success in using our services and massage therapy, please visit our Client Testimonials for Conventions, Events, Offices, and Patients.

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