Massage Therapy for Summerlin Hospital Medical Center’s Nurses Week 2015

Anatriptic Arts' Ryan Witholt

Ryan Witholt giving massage to a Nurse at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

It is no surprise that nurses – LPNs, CNAs, RNs – have a stressful job: our health is in their hands!  But how do the nurses themselves get the health care that they need?

Summerlin Hospital Medical Center recognizes that Nurses are important.  Chief Nursing Officer Lynn Belcher took care of her Nurses during National Nurses Week 2015 by arranging Anatriptic Arts to provide 10-minute chair massages for campus nurses and staff.

The benefits of on-campus massage therapy for hard-working nurses and staff are numerous: improved posture, increased stamina, positive outlook, fewer/lesser headaches, relief for heavily-used muscle groups in the neck and back, just to name a few.

It was Belcher’s intent to not only have fun this, her favorite week of the year, but to also recognize the “meaningful work [nurses] do every day and remembering to say thank you” to those who work side-by-side.

Anatriptic Arts honors the dedication, compassion, and empathy nurses demonstrate on a daily basis. We are excited to have worked to help maintain that spirit of cooperation and give back to such great caregivers.

It is with gratitude that we honor the massage therapists who joined Anatriptic Arts in helping the medical staff at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center – it can’t be done without willing and able hands! Shouts of appreciation and admiration go out to:

Robert Amaro

LaTonya Dykes

Renee Juarez

Ariana LaCour

Phyllis McCune

Jeanette Ochoa

David Otto

Justin Valentin

Ryan Witholt

Jessica Worland

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