Massage for Your Staff

doughnutDoughnuts aren’t the only way to say “thank you” to Staff: liberal dry cleaning accounts, annual picnics, holiday office celebrations… and, lower-cost healthcare benefits, like gym memberships and massage therapy at the office for the Staff are great ways to show “management cares.”

There are times when massage therapy at the office is appropriate in your business or industry: whether your trying to find an incentive or reward for that extra overtime needed for your company to be successful this Quarter, OR your Staff and/or industry experiences the negative effects of repetitive motion syndromes or high-stress environments that reduce productivity, massage therapy is very effective at minimizing the perception and physical effects of pain while on the clock.

There are 3 reasons for you to have “Massage at the office today!”:

  • incentive … during high-volume time periods
  • reward … immediately following the reaching of a deadline or company goal
  • gift-giving … on a regular basis, as part of a health care plan

stretching arm flexorsThere are 3 ways your office staff can benefit from massage:

1. increases mental clarity, boosting focus & stamina

2. balances stress levels, lowering blood pressure (when high) & lowering need for cortisol to manage inflammatory responses to stress

3. improves company image, improving loyalty & interpersonal communication

Office Staff are always appreciative. Managers & Executives are happy when Staff is happy.

Why not schedule massage therapy for your Staff today? Contact Anatriptic Arts with your Proposal (the electronic form is in the right column —>) or for a quote. We will help take care of the Staff in your office.

Need more convincing? Research is substantiating the positive effects of massage therapy in the workplace – we’re convinced: It Works.

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