Chair Massage

A great way to increase flexibility, reduce frequencies of headaches and lower back and shoulder pain...and generally change your perspective on life.

Massage at Your Event

Want to add value to your Attendees' experience?
Add Chair Massage to your booth, hospitality suite, or relaxation station.

Massage for Your Patients

Massage for Your Staff

Don't they deserve a 10-minute break that involves more than coffee and a doughnut?
Not just for holidays anymore: Be the talk around the water cooler.

Seated Massage

     Seated Massage, aka "Chair Massage", is a popular method of receiving a massage therapy session - especially in a public setting, where there is less privacy and more of a need for convenience and speedy service.
     The modern-day chairs used for massage therapy sessions are comfortable, durable & safe, and effective for allowing the scalp, neck, upper shoulders, mid- and lower-back, upper legs and arms to be addressed during a session.
     A typical chair massage session lasts anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes and is performed in publicly-accessible or private areas of offices, malls, airports, and just about any venue where there is high traffic and high profile of the client in the chair, receiving massage therapy benefits.

Massage therapy in a massage chair provides several immediate and long-lasting effects:
  • normalized blood pressure
  • reduced muscle tension
  • increased energy
  • improved flexibility name a few.

Chair massage is proven to:
  • increase stamina - in a worker's daily routine
  • improve posture - in tired people
  • enhance clarity - in a foggy or fatigued mind

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Meet Anatriptic Arts.

Ryan Witholt, Marketing Director

Ryan Witholt, Marketing Director

Massage Therapist, Instructor, Researcher
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David Otto, Operations Director

David Otto, Operations Director

Massage Therapist, Instructor, Organizer
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